Thursday, April 28, 2011

Best photo yet!

I have joined some other ladies who are trying to improve their photography skills. Nothing formal, but a few in the group have more experience and are willing to share some tips. I have lots to learn. Since I missed the first meeting, I promised I would do my homework and read the manual for our "little point and shoot" camera. It has me baffled all the time. So I have read and played around with the different options. I found one option labled "custom". I have set it to photograph things up close without ruining the light. I am hoping this photo is an omen of things to come.
This is my collection of "yellows" (don't mind the aqua bottle base, I used it as a contrast piece). And I realize that there is a small greenish (citron) piece in there. Not sure how it got so lucky to be included. But I love that you can see the textures and various color hues in this shot.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Morning's Work

 We've had some low tides lately and I've been out before 7 AM looking at what the ocean has washed up. Good stuff!

My favorite pieces were the darker aqua piece on the left and the orange piece of pottery. I don't find pottery very often.

Natural Habitat

Hopefully, my next post will include some photos of where I find my sea glass.
(Not the actual beach, I don't want to give away my secrets) but I want to try and capture the way sea glass looks just before I pick it up. In my mind, that is when sea glass is most see it laying right where the ocean waves have left it. Mother Nature is the classiest artist around.

Thinking about sea glass in its natural "habitat" brought to mind people.
(So many connections between sea glass and people).

I love seeing a great family portrait (mostly because ours never turn out) but the photos I like best are the ones that capture a certain look or catch them unaware. Something about a photograph in a person's "habitat" really catches who they are.

I was thinking the other day about how Princess Diana and Mother Theresa died around the same time (six days apart). They were such beautiful people. But it was the photos of them caring for others (Diana with her boys and her charities and Mother Theresa with the sick and invalid) that made them more than just an interesting face.

Sunday afternoon, my husband came home from church. He was wearing his white shirt and Child #1 was wearing his white shirt. It was a sweet moment, as the two of them were hugging and sharing how much they loved each other. It was a mental picture I don't want to forget....Father and son, their matching white shirts, sharing their mutual adoration.

I don't think a posed picture could capture such natural beauty. I'm blessed to have such beautiful things in my life.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sea Glass Photos

I'd like to improve my photography skills but it doesn't help that we have a little point and shoot camera that I don't know how to use. Here are a few that I wanted to post.

This is that purple piece I found a few weeks ago. I am still struggling with how to photgraph it in order to show its true color. If nothing else, you get a peek at my backyard!

-Hope spring is coming your way!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not glass, just a leaf

Today we went to the beach, we had to get out of the house! It wasn't a day with glass on the beach but the sun was out and so were the crowds.

After sailing child #1's plastic sailboat and both children getting water in their galoshes, it was time for lunch. I was holding the hand of child #2, as we walked up the sandy stairs. She suddenly stopped and I heard her exclaim, "glass, glass".

Looking down, I saw her reach for something on the step. But even before she picked it up, she realized with disappointment, "oh, leaf".