Friday, November 29, 2013

November Showing

This is about all I have found this month... the ocean has been pretty rough the past few days but no sea glass. I did check out a different beach today and found some small pieces, which is better than nothing! For child #3 on my back, it was her first time really sea glassing. I was glad to have her along!

Tiny green
These are from two days ago
This is from today - a new beach!

Small but rewarding....And I found a red!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving - photo bombed by Child #1

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Like My Mom

I wish I had a photograph of the orange counter top with my mom's sewing machine stationed on one side. My mom spent a lot of time at this "work station". And when she had a big project, the machine and all the parts to the project stayed on the counter until she finished or until company came over and she had to clean up.

Well, here is a photo of my work space. It on our living room table. I don't have the luxury of leaving it out for longer than a day because this table is too small for dinner and sewing.

But for posterity sake, I'll add this photo because who knows... my girls might end up sewing and creating!
 Lately I have been making shoulder bags (not sure what to call them). First I cut out all the bags - material for the inside and outside. Each one is slightly different (and imperfect) because I don't really measure... and it shows. Then after I cut the material, I made sure I had enough for shoulder straps. Again, imperfect because I am too lazy to measure and mark. Then I sewed the bags. Another day I ironed and sewed the straps. Then today I sewed the parts together. Here is the finished project:
 8 shoulder bags. Designed and sewn by: me! (The 8th one is already given away to be auctioned by Child #1's school to raise money at their autumn affair). And one bag doesn't have straps yet, I ran out of material. (Like I said, I don't - but I should - measure!)
These bags are thank you gifts for some of the key ladies that I worked with on my mothers' club and other are for Christmas gifts. It feels good to get them done! Now the fun part - packaging them up and handing them out!