Friday, January 30, 2015


The sea glass lately has been great! And I knew today would be a good one with low tide falling in the afternoon Because it was a Friday afternoon, I knew there would be others out looking for sea glass but we went down anyway. I saw one lady farther down and we picked up glass until we caught up to her. Then she started back and we lagged behind. I try not to crowd other sea glassers but then another gentleman caught up to us and for a while we were glassing at about the same speed. Awkward!  Child #2 said they were both going for a large white piece of glass, but she dropped it so he could have it. (I was trying to keep Child #3 moving to get out of this man's glassing space).

Speaking of competition, Child #2 is my fiercest competitor. She now collects for herself and her own collection! I think there are two reasons for this need for her own glass. One, she wants to sell it and make money and/or maybe she wants to have 100 pieces in her collection to take to school for her classroom's 100 Day Celebration. I'm not sure but I keep reminding her that there is enough glass for everyone because the waves keep bringing it in. And I tell her I am happy to share with her (which I am, just not the big cool ones:)

Child #1 is my sharer, he is happy to give me the pieces he finds. I love it! That is why my collection looks like this:
And we are able to find pieces like this:
And these:
It was a good day even with the competition!
This was my favorite saying after Child #1 found a sand dollar and I found a rusty old penny. "I have more money than you!"

Carrot Soup

I have never made carrot soup before but I am trying to eat more natural, non-animal products. It hasn't been too hard. As long as I have left overs from dinner for lunch, I don't snack and feel filled. Today I purchased A LOT of carrots - 10 lbs for $4.99. And I thought I would give it a try (and it helps that I have 1/2 gallon of heavy cream that needs to be used).

Here is my recipe - a combination of two from

2 1/2 cups chopped carrots (I didn't even peel them)
Put them in water and boil them. In a dutch oven combine:
3 T. olive oil
1/2 onion chopped
1 stalk of celery chopped
1 tsp. minced ginger
1/2 tsp. salt
grind some pepper
2 tsp. curry
1 cup black beans (I would add more next time)

Cook until soft. Add in 1 tsp. minced garlic. Then add 3 cups chicken broth.

When the carrots are soft, puree them and then add them to the soup. I had some extra diced tomatoes in the fridge and added those to the carrots when I pureed them. Gently combine and add
1/2 c. heavy cream

Child #3 loved it and ate two bowls. I doubt that Child #1 and Child #2 will even try it but at least I got one taker! And I loved it!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Magical Sunset

Yesterday evening was such a lovely sunset! And what made it all the more lovely was the children cooperating and staying with me at the beach. They found great pieces and stayed out of the water. The wind died down and the beach was smooth with wonderful rock washes. It was one of the more magical moments I have had on our beach. Here are a few of what I found yesterday.
This what I found in the morning with Child #3.

Our collection from our sunset walk.

Same collection - just up close!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Red and Blue

No it wasn't a red piece of sea glass but a fun red sand toy!

And this piece was just so perfect - laying in the sand, so lovely!
Look at this darling! She is so cute when we sea glass. It makes all her wanderings and stick throwing worth it.

Friday, January 16, 2015


My dear friend surprised me with the most perfect sea glass gift at Christmas.
Yes, a sea glass Christmas tree. Each little polished piece has a hole right through the middle and then they are connected by a small silver dowel. I nearly died with delight over this gift. Now if I could figure out how to make these myself,  you'd get one at Christmas too!
And these are just a few of the pieces I found on a walk yesterday morning. They all seemed so similar and found in the same area, it made me wonder if they were from the same bottle? Most likely not but I always wonder where the glass I find came from.
Have a good week-end!

Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm back and so is the sea glass!

It is a new year! And I have given up my mothers' club job as "blog editor", and am thrilled to have something to post on my blog.

It all began on Jan. 6 on the rocky Oceanside beach in Southern California. This beach is always lovely and smooth, but Jan 6, it was rocky with sea glass! Wahoo!

Here is what I gathered in one afternoon (and mostly carrying Child #3 on my hip!)
A peek in the bag!

There are from my beach in Northern California.
 Can you see the orange?! Yes, I found orange. It was a perfect afternoon!

Glass from my morning run/stroll as I hit the beach.
 Then Child #3 came down and threw sticks while I finished sea glassing.

It is going to be a great year! (Next post - the most perfect Christmas gift ever!)