Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Great Start to July!

I taught a Lego Summer Class for three boys. Super fun!

Child #2 went to a Princess Party for her Summer Class. She "just loves" her fingernail!

Small pieces at a beach I haven't been to in years! It was our "Wednesday Walk" outing.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The rest of May!

Here are a few photos to document life over the past month or so. It has been a good one!

Joy School teachers and friends. Child #2 graduated and she was so proud!

I've been sewing and made two backpacks with this dog print. I got this material from a friend.

Loved how this turned out but Child #2 put the hot iron on it and burned an imprint of the iron on it, ruining the back side:(

Fixed the zipper on this cute jacket. Child #2 loves it and I was so glad I saved it all these year to fix it!

Teeth issues. That tooth came out - so glad the shots cavities and extraction are OVER!

Child #3 at my arm, crying - got to go! But we did get glass this morning! So glad school is out - more time on the beach!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

6:30 am and 7:30 am

Child #3 has been getting up early! Luckily the tides have been low so we have been heading down to the beach. Here is what I found the other day after I went down from 6:00-6:45 am and then again after getting Child #1 off for school from 7:15-7:45 am:

Yes red!

The whole time I was gathering glass, I was working to keep Child #3's shoes dry. When she would get too close to the incoming waves, I would carry her to higher ground. It worked until when I was heading home, I realized one of her shoes had dropped off. When I looked back, I saw it in the sand - wet! A wave had washed over it. Luckily, after I rinsed it and dried it over the heater it is fine.
Last photo: I found these earlier in the week. The green item is a new bath toy! It sprays water and the kids love it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Ordinary Days in May

May is birthday month around here. Here are some b-day photos...

Love that Child #1 doesn't care what his cake looks like!

Ninja birthday chaos

Creative outfits and mini frozen treats

Mother's Day present for my mom... Still working on it!
More May magic to come! (sorry about the sideways photos!) Kirstin

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

There are so many ways to recognize the significance of this day. In our church there isn't a specific worship service held on Friday as we try to focus more on the life and resurrection of Jesus but still what happened on that Friday long, long ago holds such significance.

I came up with the idea that the children and I would visit a national cemetery and look up family names and make a quick visit to their grave with a flower or two. We didn't really know the people whose markers we visited but their last names were family history names. It worked for the gentle lesson I was trying to teach. The lesson being, that because of Jesus Christ we will all be resurrected, our bodies will be perfected and reunited with our souls. And walking among the rows and rows and miles and miles of white headstones, my heart felt such gratitude for the Savior and the priceless gift that he gave us.

Then this morning, early with Child #3, I went to the beach. She played in the sand and I walked. (I didn't stray too far!) But I found this lovely piece and immediately thought of the stone that was rolled in front of the tomb where Jesus was laid on that long ago Friday. It was a perfect way to begin the day.

And if you haven't seen this clip "Because of Him", spend 2:44 minutes and be inspired. My favorite line is "Regret into Relief".
He lives! This I know.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Motherhood Realized

 photo motherhoodrealizedquote_zps945ac5f5.jpg

What a true statement!
 Lately I have needed to remind myself that we all parent differently and that is fine. Catherine Arveseth is a wonderful writer and blogger. Her blog is a favorite. And the book Motherhood Realized is brilliant. The book is a collection of essays by thoughtful moms and at the end of each essay there is a question for the reader to reflect upon.
So glad I bought it!
PS - Not sure why the quote is so big and lays on top of the schedule there. Sorry about my limited tech skills!

Monday, April 7, 2014

What a frozen chunk of beef will do!

I know this is random but on Saturday, I was holding Cora and opened the freezer to take something out. I knocked out a frozen chunk of beef and it landed right on my toe. Wow! It hurt! The kids were fascinated by it all day.

Here are some happier things- sea glass...
Child #2 likes to sort and she is good at it too!

Lots of blues on this day

Last weeks find and where I usually spill it out..... on the table.

Yellow! What a find!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Inspiring Quote

Yesterday at church they shared this quote.

President George Q. Cannon said this,“There is not one of us but what God’s love has been expended upon. There is not one of us that He has not cared for and caressed. There is not one of us that He has not desired to save, and that He has not devised means to save. There is not one of us that He has not given His angels charge concerning. We may be insignificant and contemptible in our own eyes, and in the eyes of others, but the truth remains that we are the children of God, and that He has actually given His angels—invisible beings of power and might—charge concerning us, and they watch over us and have us in their keeping.”

These touching words reminded me of how tender God must feel about us. As I sat in class, I could see a dear friend and her sweet little baby - Emmerson Rose (isn't that a darling name?) this is her 5th baby. This was a long awaited and prayed for baby. (She has been pregnant 10 times and miscarried half of those).  Sitting there with this sweet new baby in view, holding my sweet baby and hoping for more babies for our family, this quote reminded me that God knows. How thankful I am for such a loving and kind God!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Not my day! (Warning: long post!)

Well Friday started normal - quick trip to the beach. Small collection but still a nice day...

Isn't that little light such a funny find? I am sorry that the tiny barnacles aren't more clear. But that is the reason I kept it.

Then Child #1 was off to the dentist for a check up.
7 cavities later, my husband and I both know he is our child. We both had similar dental outcomes when we were that age. But we are now religiously brushing at night.

The real drama came after our afternoon outing - playdate/potluck with some fellow moms. I recently joined the local babysitting co-op in an effort to minimize the stress I feel when I have commitments during the daytime. The question of "who can watch my kids" has become very stressful. So I joined this co-op and yesterdays potluck was to mingle, connect and get to know some other families in this group. Luckily I know most of them but still what follows was EPIC!

It went something like this:

Child #1 got hit by a plastic baseball on his foot. It hurt, he got mad, he threw the plastic bat as hard as he could. (Luckily no one was hurt). I state, "It is time to go. We don't throw bats. We are done". Child #1 wants a piece of the pizza that just came out of the oven. I say, no. He goes ballistic. We leave without too much violence - he saved that for the car. As we loaded up, he was begging for more pizza, threatening to stay behind, screaming directly in my ear (my ear drum still is tender). He bit me (remember he is 7 years old), he kicked and hit me with all his strength.

Through it all - I was calm, quiet voice and even had the mental capacity to quip "aren't you glad we are leaving instead of coming" to my friend who had just arrived and walking up the hill.

Child #1, cried, threatened, shouted, screamed for most of the way home.

Things did not get better at home.

I made pizza (already in the plans). And during these quiet moments in the kitchen I see Child #3 in the bathroom, scooping out the water in the toilet and sucking her fingers. Aaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dinner is a nightmare. The children and I sit down for dinner but I am unable to finish because Child #3 begins to fall apart and we quickly take a bath and do jammies. Child #2 joins us in the bath because she is scared of the anger and outbursts from Child #1. I am slowly losing it...

BTW, I will never make pizza for my family. I am over it! All these requests, "I don't like cheese", "I don't like pepperoni", "Don't put sauce on my part", "Yuck why are there little green things?"Aaaaaa- Pizza has now been removed from my cooking repertoire.

Through it all, I am still patient, trying to calm the inner me, waiting for my husband to come home. I am keeping it together. Barely.

Then the crying and whining about one little spot of cheese left on his pizza continues outside the bedroom where I am putting Child #3 to bed. I threaten him - if he doesn't take the crying to his room I will come out and kick him there (my arms are busy holding a nursing baby). He goes but the next thing I hear is,
"Don't hurt me, don't throw that! I am getting out"
Poor Child #2, who didn't get to eat pizza at the party, and who has heard these screaming and tantrums for the past hours, is now being physically threatened.

I lost it. I marched into their shared bedroom where Child #2 is trying to get dressed and see Child #1 holding a large book over his head, ready to throw it at her. I grabbed his hair and pulled him out of their room, into the kitchen, and out the back door. His tune has changed from crying, shouting and drama, to a normal voice saying, "ouch, that really hurts mom".

As I locked the door I said, "You can stay out there until your father comes home".

Fifteen minutes later, I hear a very repentant knock, I open it, Child #1, says in a normal but sorry voice, "I am sorry I was so mean. Can I come in?"

I let him in, he gets his pajamas on. I sketch/write up what happened sort of cartoon style and find I feel much better after I do so. (And feel secretly better when Child #1 reads it over my shoulder). We all play Monopoly and then husband comes home.

We discuss the highlights of the tantrum (hitting, biting, screaming, disobeying, embarrassing me in front of my friends - although the embarrassing part was minor). Father has some serious words with Child #1 and because I am the most calm (having had a chance to process it all), the three of us discuss what happened. We begin our talk with the steps for repenting:
-acknowledge the wrong that was done
-say you're sorry to the person
-ask for forgiveness from Heavenly Father
-make it right/make restitution
-never do it again

Thankfully, Child #1, knows these steps from Sunday Classes.
So here are the restitutions he will make:
1.No TV, No computer, No iphone for a week
2. No special privileges such as a much awaited concert, staying up late or play dates
3. Doing 1 hour of work for mom each day for a week.
4. Must earn 100 points by obeying the first time. Mom gives out the points and he gets 10 points for each hour of work.

So far, knock on wood, he has been much improved. He missed the concert today. He cleaned the inside and outside of the car with me. He kept his anger in check and no TV has been turned on (I hid the remotes and unplugged the set). We'll see how the rest of the week goes!

There is always room for improvement in this parenting journey!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little Vacation

Child #1 had the week off - they call it "Ski Week". Husband took it off as well so we took advantage and planned activities all week.

Monday- Relaxed all day and finally bought a pencil sharpener - I sharpened every pencil I could find as if to compensate for the previous Thursday when I had to sharpen a pencil with one of my good kitchen knives! I couldn't believe it - me - a teacher without sharp pencils around! That is what life has come to around here:)
Tuesday I steam cleaned the carpets. A long awaited event for me - they needed it!
Wednesday, Child #3 and Husband went to the Lego Movie. They thought is was "awesome" and now everything is "awesome"!
Thursday was a lovely day! We had friends over for lunch and I went to the beach. I finally filled up this container.
Friday was Hawaiian Day. So we played outside in our kiddie pool, ate Hawaiian Haystacks and watched Hawaii 5-0 (which I had never seen but knew the theme song!)
Also during the afternoon while Child #3 napped, I worked on covering our dining room chairs. They weren't that fancy to begin with and had started to get stained (cloth seats + kids = disgusting! what were we thinking?!) In fact, the kids would move chairs to sit in one that wasn't as stained. Anyway I covered them with faux leather. They turned out nice. Please excuse the random photo, Child #2 was documenting the new look and she isn't super skilled at the camera.


Here I am hard at work...

My fingers were pretty sore after all the stapling.
Some other events from the week.
This guy got melted in the dryer. Child #1's beloved lobster. It was a pin, that he would wear on his shoulder. Sorry no photo but it was hilarious! Luckily no clothes were ruined but the drum of the dryer needed some cleaning. Luckily Husband was able to take care of that with a tool that melted off all the goo.
We did get a nice bike ride in - and on the way back there was some sea glass at one of the beaches, so we stopped to check it out.

Saturday was more projects, soccer in the morning, sea glassing and some Jr. Monopoly.

Sunday was church. And now we are back in the routine...I am looking forward to our spring break!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catching up...

So here are a few random things I wanted to post about. They are in no specific order.

The squinkies came out to play.

2. Some Love for Valentine's Day:
Have I posted this? RED!!!
Candy Bar Card. It reads "Dear Mr. Good Guy, I Skor-red when I married you. You make my heart burst with Joy. Yore a Marvelous Man. Happy Valentines Day. Your, Butter Lady* (*like a sugar mama but from some one who loves butter!)

3. Went to Costco, picked up the kids, hurried home and drove straight to the beach (didn't unload the car - just let the chicken and all the other frozen goods, continue in their process of unthawing in the back of our car). Put Child #3 in the backpack and ran down to the beach. Already sea glassers were there (there have been a lot out this week). This is all I found. I am posting to remind myself that even the lamest day at least I find something!

4. I have been pretty good about doing yoga in the morning. Sometimes it isn't much but I am always pleased when I have done something. Child #2 drew this of me doing a stretch! Isn't it cute?! I will keep it forever... I love how she wrote AM AM (get it?  MAMA!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Things I Carried Today

I decided to take Child #3 on a walk today. She loves to see the seagulls and there was no wind. It turned out to be a wonderful walk. I started with just the backpack and a baby and ended up finding more!!

The orange containers are bait containers and I have tried and tried to get them open but they are stuck or glued.
And the rock was perfect for our front yard. I carried that as well!

I didn't find the shoes but I ended up carrying them letting my toes enjoy the sand. Plus it made it easier to ford the little stream.

Yahoo! A bit of sea glass!

Funny Find! This army guy who has tiny barnacles on him!
Of course as I carried my load of shoes, rock, bait containers, sea glass and Child #3, I thought about all the emotional things we carry and worry about. Some are worth it, some are just old things but it is the little things that bring the most joy! Babies and sea glass:) Happy Friday!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Thanks Mavericks!

Thanks to the big waves that created the Mavericks surf contest, they also did a great job digging out the sea glass that has been waiting to be washed up. Here are a few photos from today. Thanks JAR, for encouraging me to get out there! I am so glad I did. It was the best day of 2014!

Second outing - different spot on the beach!

Even a plate shard with the words "Walker China" on the back.-

Yes, look at this amazing orange! It look like a piece of candy. I also found the interesting shell today.

First collection of the day - lots of greens. I thought I did well, but I am glad I went out again!