Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little Vacation

Child #1 had the week off - they call it "Ski Week". Husband took it off as well so we took advantage and planned activities all week.

Monday- Relaxed all day and finally bought a pencil sharpener - I sharpened every pencil I could find as if to compensate for the previous Thursday when I had to sharpen a pencil with one of my good kitchen knives! I couldn't believe it - me - a teacher without sharp pencils around! That is what life has come to around here:)
Tuesday I steam cleaned the carpets. A long awaited event for me - they needed it!
Wednesday, Child #3 and Husband went to the Lego Movie. They thought is was "awesome" and now everything is "awesome"!
Thursday was a lovely day! We had friends over for lunch and I went to the beach. I finally filled up this container.
Friday was Hawaiian Day. So we played outside in our kiddie pool, ate Hawaiian Haystacks and watched Hawaii 5-0 (which I had never seen but knew the theme song!)
Also during the afternoon while Child #3 napped, I worked on covering our dining room chairs. They weren't that fancy to begin with and had started to get stained (cloth seats + kids = disgusting! what were we thinking?!) In fact, the kids would move chairs to sit in one that wasn't as stained. Anyway I covered them with faux leather. They turned out nice. Please excuse the random photo, Child #2 was documenting the new look and she isn't super skilled at the camera.


Here I am hard at work...

My fingers were pretty sore after all the stapling.
Some other events from the week.
This guy got melted in the dryer. Child #1's beloved lobster. It was a pin, that he would wear on his shoulder. Sorry no photo but it was hilarious! Luckily no clothes were ruined but the drum of the dryer needed some cleaning. Luckily Husband was able to take care of that with a tool that melted off all the goo.
We did get a nice bike ride in - and on the way back there was some sea glass at one of the beaches, so we stopped to check it out.

Saturday was more projects, soccer in the morning, sea glassing and some Jr. Monopoly.

Sunday was church. And now we are back in the routine...I am looking forward to our spring break!

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