Thursday, April 5, 2012


I know I post a lot about rock washes, the conditions of the beach and sea glass but I wanted to share these photos:
Smooth as a babies' bum

Up close - no glass
 Sometimes that is how the beach is - nothing! Such is life and I wanted to show how different the beach is at different times of day and times of the year.

I must post what I did find:

It is a kite board! Brand new - or so it looks. It was sitting in the sand half covered as if it had been blown in on the waves and lodged in the sand. If it isn't claimed, then I am the new owner! Since I don't kite surf but it is my husband's new hobby - I told him I would sell it to him. Only fair right?!  Lucky him - Lucky me.

Favorite blogs

I love blogs - it is how I like to relax at the end of the day. Some do TV, I do blogs. Same vice just different media venue.

There are about 4-5 main blogs that I like to read and then from there, I like to click on the blogs they list on their side bar.

It is the nosy side of me meeting the private side of me. I can peek into someone's life and see their homes, their children and even see into their thoughts. I find it refreshing and thoughtful. I know strange....

And as a disclaimer: I don't know any of these women, except for my dear friend Aunt Spicy. But I love that they let me peek into their lives. Reading about the goodness and the sincere effort that so many people extend day-after-day is encouraging and enlightening. Instead of opening the pages of "People Magazine" to peek into the lives of others, I click on these blogs and come away uplifted!

 So with that introduction, I wanted to share of my favorite blogs: - one of my favorites. Mom in Arizona with 5 kids. The youngest child has a genetic issue that will limit her ability to see. She is a famous and well-loved blogger. Many of the bloggers she has listed on her side bar are blogs I like to frequent. - lives in Provo, Utah. Three kids. Funny, talented and involved. Love her wisdom and view on life. Her last post was A-MaZing! Check it out here. - lives in S.California. Three girls. Great sense of style. Beautiful photography! - quilting, craft friend. Love her blogging style and her crafts! I once paid (in an auction to benefit a cancer fighter) $75 for one of her Scottish dogs...and I would have paid more! - she doesn't post often but when she does I am always excited. Her sense of humor causes me to laugh out loud and I love her because in one of my darkest, sickest days I found her blog and stayed up late, laughing so hard tears were squeaking out of my eyes. It felt so good to laugh! Thanks Mi Madre - these profiles of Mormon women are varied and diverse. I think I have read most of the profiles on this site and look forward to new interviews. I  tried to add a button on my blog, but I couldn't figure it out.... one of these days you'll see it on my side board!

O.K. That is enough for now. In all honesty, I frequent many more  blogs, but I don't want to bore you. Also, you might wonder how I get anything done!

My husband once asked me if it bugged me to see all these perfect houses, perfect looking people in perfect photographs and I was surprised. No, it didn't bother me. I find reading about other people and their lives so fascinating - I marvel at their skill, talent, patience and abilities. I suppose it helps that I understand that we all have heartache and disappointment. Some of it is obvious, some of it is quiet but just as hard. It helps me to manage my personal disappointments, as well, as to treasure the blessed life that I know I have.