Friday, November 25, 2016

More photos from the beach

Washed up crab pot

This is my favorite sight to see!! A rock wash!

I never tire of the sunsets!

A lavender gem!

Often, these tracks were paths for my kids to follow!

Child #3 found this a filled it up

I love the morning light!

Another beauty!

These are from a surprise rock wash I found

I love pink time! As the sun sets everything is magical and glowy!

One afternoon there was a real, live bagpiper! He played "Amazing Grace" and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I love this sunset and the smooth sand - all to me! I'm so lucky!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Soaking it in

The knowledge that we are moving has caused me to see our beautiful home and coastside with new eyes and I have been trying my best to capture it with my iPhone camera as well. Here are a few shots of the seemingly common things that I will miss and of course, I have been trying to fit in all the sea glassing I can. The beach hasn't disappointed!

We saw this on our walk home after Joy School, one beautiful day.
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Can you see the Snowy White Egret? These are always a delight to see on the beach and in our marsh.

The way the sun hits the sand first thing in the morning is a favorite of mine.

This gives an idea of the power of the ocean, moving and rolling beach items around.

Bowls of littles that I have found on my beach runs

More littles!

Lovely blue - just sitting there waiting for me to pick it up and bring it home:)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Times Three!

It has been an amazing week! I've been three times and had such fun collecting sea glass. Today was the first time anyone else was out there. Here are some photos of the beauties that I found on my beach walk.

These are just large pieces of pottery and other random household items the waves washed up. I love the heart rock!

Aren't these just like gemstones!?

I don't know if this photo captures the size and beauty of these larger pieces. Perfect for jewelry.

Lots of blues on this day. One really large, unusual color of blue that went into my "candy jar" collection of sea glass.

And RED! I found 4 pieces in the past 3 days!!!
The pieces washing up have been so big and polished - just like looking for Easter Eggs! A red letter week for certain! But I have to admit the moment I want to remember was sitting with Child #3 when she was taking a break from ride her bike. She climbed on my lap and we had some bunny fruit snacks. The absolute peace and delight at that moment has filled my heart all week. Children are so much more beautiful and enjoyable than sea glass! 

Friday, April 1, 2016

All in a Day's Work

I found a lady who makes jewelry and was interested in purchasing some of my larger pieces. We met and she choose some pieces and it was such fun to see her enjoying the beauty of these pieces. I was delighted to make a little money and enjoyed our visit.

Later in the day when the sun came out, I found these on the beach :

Then when I went to pick up the kids from school, I stopped and photographed these forget-me-nots. They are all along the road and I love seeing them. Aren't they simply beautiful?
Here is a closer shot:
I am lucky to be surrounded by beauty!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Plastic or glass?

The beach has been fairly smooth so when I saw this, I was sure it was plastic.

I still wasn't sure....
Until I picked it up.
It is a real red piece - all dented like a chewed wad of bubble gum.

So glad I went out this morning!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sea Glass for Sale!

Tomorrow is a garage sale and along with all our "stuff" I thought I would set out some bottles of sea glass to see if anyone is interested. If interested, make a comment or contact me and I will save it for you to pick up at another time!

 I can add a tag and a little charm on any of these bottles if you'd like.

This is 4.25 inches high and 1.24 inches in diameter. $10

This is 5 inches high and the base is 1.75 inches. $15
This is two inches high and 2 inches wide. The glass is a heavier glass. $ 12

Another option:

I can fill this with glass if it more what you are looking for. It would most likely be about $50.
I can sell a bag of sea glass for you to place in your own bottle or bowl. Send me a message and we can talk.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Morning Fog

We have had some beautiful days! I have been able to hit the beach and find sea glass here and there. It has been wonderful. This morning, it was foggy but still I went out with Child #3. We waded across the creek to the spot I saw yesterday but was unable to reach because I was by myself and group of men were making me nervous, but that is a different story!

Anyway, it was a nice black spot, full of rocks and mixed with glass.

At one spot, I saw a lovely blue piece and asked Child #3 not to pick it up while I photographed it.

 She promptly stepped on it! So there it is a little squished!
Here is the collection we found on our foggy morning:
Now, the sun is coming out and the tide is coming up bringing up more pieces for this afternoon!
PS I just got my business cards in the mail. I am official- ha! I sell collections of sea glass :) Now I just need to sell some of the bottles!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


The other day Child #3, my little one, suggested a walk to the beach. It was a lovely morning so we went down. Lots of little glass but look what I found! What a nice, little surprise! Love my littles!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Marie Kondo

Have you heard about the book Marie Kondo wrote called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up- The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing ?

It really is life changing and it is one of those books that I want to share with all my dear friends. I have always loved organizing and decluttering, well Marie Kondo, has loved it her whole life and now it is her profession.

Here are a few of her thoughts copied directly from her book:
"Every object has a different role to play. Not all clothes have to be worn threadbare. It is the same with people. Not every person you meet in life will become a close friend or lover Some you will find hard to get along with or impossible to like. But these like people, too, teach you the precious lesson of who you do like, so that you will appreciate those special people even more."

"When we really delve into the reasons why we can't let something go, there are only two, an attachment to the pas or fear for the future." 

"Once you learn to choose your belongings properly, you will only be left with the amount that fits perfectly in the space you currently own."

In a nutshell, she teaches the clients she works with to
1. Gather all the similar items into one place. The best sequence is to start with clothes first, then books, then papers, miscellany and lastly momentos.
So I gathered all my clothes, coats, shoes into one pile/area.

2. Then one piece at a time I held up the article of clothing and asked myself, "Does this spark joy?"
And it worked! I found myself discarding perfectly good pieces of clothes, that I wear but never feel good in or don't fit right or they have served their purpose.
3. Then I carefully hung up my dresses/sweaters (she suggests hanging light to dark). They fit perfectly on my side of the closet.

4. Then I folded up the rest. She suggests not folding items and then stacking them on top of each other but folding them so they stand up/lie down next to each other. See below (those are my workout/pj items).
This is another of her quotes "The act of folding is far more than making clothes compact for storage. It is an act of caring, an expression of love and appreciation for the way these clothes support your lifestyle." 

 How thought provoking is that? Much of her book focuses on giving thanks for our "things". It is a very cultural characteristic, that we don't see in America. I really loved her thoughts and I do feel freer after this process. Now I need to move on to books!

Happy Reading! Kirstin

Good times with Sea Glass

 This glass has a story! It was a rainy, stormy afternoon. But I took a quick look at the beach and saw the most amazing rock wash, so close! The kids were home but watching TV and I took my chance. I left a walkie-talkie at home and ran down to the beach and gathered as fast as I could for 15 minutes. The only casualty was my boot. They got wet crossing the creek and I took them off, setting them away from the creek edge, or so I thought. When I went back to get them, they weren't any where and there wasn't anyone else on the beach. I found one half way down the creek and the other boot is no where to be found! But I found some awesome glass, so it was worth it.
 I finally finished filling this jar up only to have Child #2 play with it and break the bottle minutes later. Oh well!
This was weeks ago and I forgot to post it! It was so exciting!
Same piece just a different setting...   

:) Kirstin