Thursday, May 26, 2016

Times Three!

It has been an amazing week! I've been three times and had such fun collecting sea glass. Today was the first time anyone else was out there. Here are some photos of the beauties that I found on my beach walk.

These are just large pieces of pottery and other random household items the waves washed up. I love the heart rock!

Aren't these just like gemstones!?

I don't know if this photo captures the size and beauty of these larger pieces. Perfect for jewelry.

Lots of blues on this day. One really large, unusual color of blue that went into my "candy jar" collection of sea glass.

And RED! I found 4 pieces in the past 3 days!!!
The pieces washing up have been so big and polished - just like looking for Easter Eggs! A red letter week for certain! But I have to admit the moment I want to remember was sitting with Child #3 when she was taking a break from ride her bike. She climbed on my lap and we had some bunny fruit snacks. The absolute peace and delight at that moment has filled my heart all week. Children are so much more beautiful and enjoyable than sea glass! 

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  1. Oh wow!! So excited for you, and hopeful for me, haha!!