Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Camps and School

Summer Camps are expensive and long! Most around here all day long and all week for $300+. I don't want to spend that much money and send my son away from home for that long. But I do want us to keep busy and have learning experiences. So I came up with idea of creating camps at our house. Last week, I did a Teddy Bear Picnic with child #2 and friend. This week I did a Lego Camp/Lego Play date with Child #1. It turned out wonderful! Here are some photos from our Lego day.
Dumped out our Lego collection and the kids had a contest creating something from all these Legos.

Child #1 made a fleet of Lego vehicles.

We colored and created our own mini figures.
 My favorite part of the Lego play date was when they came in, I gave them a bag of Legos.( I purchased 4 identical Lego kits from the local toy store.) Then they had to figure out how to put it together without directions. After about 10 minutes, I handed them the directions and they finished it. It was fun and I was so grateful that our local toy store had 4 identical Lego kits that weren't too expensive.

Another idea I had was to do school each morning. We haven't been as consistent with this but today was a good "school" morning. Child #1 did a reading activity from a workbook I had and then created 3-D shapes out of marshmallows and Child #2 used scissors and cut out things from her Kumon Let's Cut Paper book.

3-D Shapes with sticky marshmallows

Cut out food from the Kumon book. It helps develop scissor skills in a fun way!
While it has been a great morning (Child #3 sleeping since she is still recovering from her shots yesterday), I am in my pajamas and must get myself ready!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What We Have Been Doing....

This post is more for me to really remind me that we are doing things this summer. It is already July 11 and I feel like the summer is slipping away without doing lots of awesome things. It has been a mellow few weeks. My parents were here visiting and with naps and now a bit of sickness, we have been staying home a lot! But home means reading, crafts, and imaginative play (and of course, lot of TV!)
Here are a few photos of what we have been doing....
Some sea glass but not much as I haven't been out running as much as I should be!

CA Academy of Sciences with good friends!

Christmas crafts we found in our "craft box".

I hosted a little Teddy Bear picnic/party for Child #2 and her friend. It was fun to dress up, have a tea party and even take a walk with our stuffed friends! Next week we'll do a Lego Party!