Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Camps and School

Summer Camps are expensive and long! Most around here all day long and all week for $300+. I don't want to spend that much money and send my son away from home for that long. But I do want us to keep busy and have learning experiences. So I came up with idea of creating camps at our house. Last week, I did a Teddy Bear Picnic with child #2 and friend. This week I did a Lego Camp/Lego Play date with Child #1. It turned out wonderful! Here are some photos from our Lego day.
Dumped out our Lego collection and the kids had a contest creating something from all these Legos.

Child #1 made a fleet of Lego vehicles.

We colored and created our own mini figures.
 My favorite part of the Lego play date was when they came in, I gave them a bag of Legos.( I purchased 4 identical Lego kits from the local toy store.) Then they had to figure out how to put it together without directions. After about 10 minutes, I handed them the directions and they finished it. It was fun and I was so grateful that our local toy store had 4 identical Lego kits that weren't too expensive.

Another idea I had was to do school each morning. We haven't been as consistent with this but today was a good "school" morning. Child #1 did a reading activity from a workbook I had and then created 3-D shapes out of marshmallows and Child #2 used scissors and cut out things from her Kumon Let's Cut Paper book.

3-D Shapes with sticky marshmallows

Cut out food from the Kumon book. It helps develop scissor skills in a fun way!
While it has been a great morning (Child #3 sleeping since she is still recovering from her shots yesterday), I am in my pajamas and must get myself ready!

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