Friday, December 20, 2013


Just a few happy thoughts on this December evening. The sunsets have been lovely!
 Child #3 has learned to sleep thought the night! Hooray for her and Hooray for me for letting her learn!

Simple things such as picked flowers from our evening walk. Thank you Child #2! And the large black clip is from a hurried clean up after planning, running and enjoying Child #1 Holiday Party this morning!
And thankful for a husband that doesn't ever complain about a dining room table that is always dirty ( I do wipe it regularly) and who doesn't mind that I when I organize the group gift (a gift card) for Child #1 classroom teacher and aide, we get stuck with paying the portion of other parents. Parents who neglect to get me the money in time and give the cash to the teacher at the last minute rather than reimbursing me. (I guess that is my sad for the day! Life can't be perfect - right!)
Happy week-end!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Less Effective Mothering

Today is Friday. I have not gotten enough sleep this week and I was cranky and tired of a messy, cluttered house. Because we have a small house everything has a place and when you add Christmas decorations into the mix, things get cluttered.

So today I had no obligations, no carpool duties, no preschool, nothing! I finally got Child #3 to fall asleep for her morning nap (difficult task as she was struggling with a full belly...) and I demanded that Child #2 watch TV. Luckily she found some sort of math cartoon and watched about 20 episodes back to back.

I am not proud but I am thankful for everything I was able to accomplish.
  • Cleaned the kitchen, really cleaned it!
  • Finished my Christmas card list - that last few were in Russian and I had to dig out my old Russian/English dictionary.
  • Made my parents their Christmas present, it is ready to mail
  • Baked 4 dozen cookies (almost all gone!)
  • Organized all the toys and items I have for stockings and gifts to go under the tree. (I couldn't find one of my bags, I hid it so well. I only just remembered where it was!)
  • Packaged up all the gifts the kids are giving away to "children who don't have as many toys"
  • Uploaded the last of the 200+ photos needed to make my mother-in-law's photo book
  • Went through all the piles I have around the house
I know it won't last long but I feel lighter  - I really hate clutter! And to finish out the day look at these good piles...
Thanks to my happy little sorter!

Nothing fancy but quality stuff!
Happy week-end everyone!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Slow Saturday

I must capture these moments because I know in time, a few short years, they will be gone. Or maybe not gone, just different.

As a mom, I like being home. I find it soothing and relaxing. Luckily my kids seem to like it too. This morning, they watched their fill of "Jake and the Never Land Pirates", their latest Netflick addition.

Then I bribed them to finish their chores by 9:00 AM, I promised them a "bonus" for finishing in time. (This meant I didn't have to remind them all day to do their chores). The bonus was a sweet treat as I ran errands. It worked (barely!) Child #1 emptied all the trash in the house, cleaned out the car (with lots of help from me) and cleaned the inside of the car windows. Child #2 dusted the living room (poorly, I might add), cleaned the toilet and bathtub. They both worked on cleaning their bed room. I often wonder when they will be able complete work around the house without help and reminders. (Translation: When can I stop holding their hand and pointing out each little step of their chore and nagging for them to get it done?) We pay them $1.00 for these chores. Which I think is about 90% too much for what they do but I realize I am training children that need to learn to clean and be independent so that they will one day leave home (and be successful). Read this book if you want more on my "training philosophy".Product Details

After Child #3 woke up from her very short nap, we dropped off some Christmas Crafts, dropped of two of our crèche collections for our church crèche display, and dropped off some pregnancy, parenting books at a local coffee shop and the kids got a sweet treat. My sweet treat was running into a good friend of mine and enjoying a few minutes of adult conversation and connection. (And I love that Child #1 found a local magazine about all the local activities, you know one of those free magazines? And he started reading an article while enjoying his treat!)

Now the kids are playing Ninjago with some dreidels they found (creative, no?!). Child #2 has no problem playing with her brother. I just made cookies and get a few minutes to plan meals for next week. Christmas music plays in the kitchen although, Child #1 protests that he doesn't like this music.

I love these quiet moments, where my kids play and we have nothing. I like it that way and I treasure these times where my darlings get to just imagine, play and be kids.

Post Script: Baby is awake and now the kids are playing with the dreidels in the doll house, as if they are people. So funny!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sometimes you have to get wet!

Low tide+ husband home+ kids being mellow = sea glass time for mama!
Not much and I really had to fight for these

Sometimes you just have to get into the waves to get what you want!

Two strange pieces found - camera lens and rock with crab pincher still in it.

It was nice to get out and have a few minutes of standing in the waves! The ocean wasn't going to give up her glass, so I did a lot of jumping in to get a piece and then try to get out of the way when the waves came in.