Friday, December 13, 2013

Less Effective Mothering

Today is Friday. I have not gotten enough sleep this week and I was cranky and tired of a messy, cluttered house. Because we have a small house everything has a place and when you add Christmas decorations into the mix, things get cluttered.

So today I had no obligations, no carpool duties, no preschool, nothing! I finally got Child #3 to fall asleep for her morning nap (difficult task as she was struggling with a full belly...) and I demanded that Child #2 watch TV. Luckily she found some sort of math cartoon and watched about 20 episodes back to back.

I am not proud but I am thankful for everything I was able to accomplish.
  • Cleaned the kitchen, really cleaned it!
  • Finished my Christmas card list - that last few were in Russian and I had to dig out my old Russian/English dictionary.
  • Made my parents their Christmas present, it is ready to mail
  • Baked 4 dozen cookies (almost all gone!)
  • Organized all the toys and items I have for stockings and gifts to go under the tree. (I couldn't find one of my bags, I hid it so well. I only just remembered where it was!)
  • Packaged up all the gifts the kids are giving away to "children who don't have as many toys"
  • Uploaded the last of the 200+ photos needed to make my mother-in-law's photo book
  • Went through all the piles I have around the house
I know it won't last long but I feel lighter  - I really hate clutter! And to finish out the day look at these good piles...
Thanks to my happy little sorter!

Nothing fancy but quality stuff!
Happy week-end everyone!

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