Friday, December 20, 2013


Just a few happy thoughts on this December evening. The sunsets have been lovely!
 Child #3 has learned to sleep thought the night! Hooray for her and Hooray for me for letting her learn!

Simple things such as picked flowers from our evening walk. Thank you Child #2! And the large black clip is from a hurried clean up after planning, running and enjoying Child #1 Holiday Party this morning!
And thankful for a husband that doesn't ever complain about a dining room table that is always dirty ( I do wipe it regularly) and who doesn't mind that I when I organize the group gift (a gift card) for Child #1 classroom teacher and aide, we get stuck with paying the portion of other parents. Parents who neglect to get me the money in time and give the cash to the teacher at the last minute rather than reimbursing me. (I guess that is my sad for the day! Life can't be perfect - right!)
Happy week-end!

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