Thursday, January 24, 2013


What a week it has been!
This is from being on the beach twice in one day!

These were found in two different places by two different people!

These are bases of old bottles! So smooth and round!

A collection of unusual items

Up close view - can you see the word "Hire"s on the upper right corner piece?

All from the first day but laid out and sorted!

Today's collection - the kids were big helpers!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting Ready...

for Valentine's Day!

 I'm not sure why, but I am so looking forward to Valentine's Day this year!! I spent a morning this last week cutting out these hearts (almost 50!). Then this week I'll work on sewing them and then the last week of January stuffing them. My goal is to hand them out the first week of February to some women that I volunteer with. Since volunteering is giving from the heart, I thought these were perfect!

I've been feeling crafty lately and realized that it could be that nesting instinct too! But I am holding off from setting up the baby room/closet because I feel like it is still too early!

On the Valentine topic - I just picked up some pirate valentines that someone was giving away on Freecycle (love Freecycle!) The pirate valentines are so cute and so creative, I am hoping Child #1 will be game enough to hand them out on V-day. They are over and above the ones you can purchase at your local drugstore.
Moving on to the sea glass topic.... I pulled my kids away from the TV one afternoon (we have been sick and moving slowly but the weather has been lovely). Look what we found on our short stroll! (I had to make the photos big so you could see the textures and colors better!) Enjoy!

Child #1 found this unusual color of blue! We were thrilled with it!

Not smooth, but a cool pattern. I added it to my "unusual beach finds" collection.

What are you getting ready for?