Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good times with Sea Glass

 This glass has a story! It was a rainy, stormy afternoon. But I took a quick look at the beach and saw the most amazing rock wash, so close! The kids were home but watching TV and I took my chance. I left a walkie-talkie at home and ran down to the beach and gathered as fast as I could for 15 minutes. The only casualty was my boot. They got wet crossing the creek and I took them off, setting them away from the creek edge, or so I thought. When I went back to get them, they weren't any where and there wasn't anyone else on the beach. I found one half way down the creek and the other boot is no where to be found! But I found some awesome glass, so it was worth it.
 I finally finished filling this jar up only to have Child #2 play with it and break the bottle minutes later. Oh well!
This was weeks ago and I forgot to post it! It was so exciting!
Same piece just a different setting...   

:) Kirstin

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