Friday, February 26, 2016

Morning Fog

We have had some beautiful days! I have been able to hit the beach and find sea glass here and there. It has been wonderful. This morning, it was foggy but still I went out with Child #3. We waded across the creek to the spot I saw yesterday but was unable to reach because I was by myself and group of men were making me nervous, but that is a different story!

Anyway, it was a nice black spot, full of rocks and mixed with glass.

At one spot, I saw a lovely blue piece and asked Child #3 not to pick it up while I photographed it.

 She promptly stepped on it! So there it is a little squished!
Here is the collection we found on our foggy morning:
Now, the sun is coming out and the tide is coming up bringing up more pieces for this afternoon!
PS I just got my business cards in the mail. I am official- ha! I sell collections of sea glass :) Now I just need to sell some of the bottles!

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  1. The cards look great! Can't wait to hear how things go with your sales :)