Friday, February 7, 2014

Things I Carried Today

I decided to take Child #3 on a walk today. She loves to see the seagulls and there was no wind. It turned out to be a wonderful walk. I started with just the backpack and a baby and ended up finding more!!

The orange containers are bait containers and I have tried and tried to get them open but they are stuck or glued.
And the rock was perfect for our front yard. I carried that as well!

I didn't find the shoes but I ended up carrying them letting my toes enjoy the sand. Plus it made it easier to ford the little stream.

Yahoo! A bit of sea glass!

Funny Find! This army guy who has tiny barnacles on him!
Of course as I carried my load of shoes, rock, bait containers, sea glass and Child #3, I thought about all the emotional things we carry and worry about. Some are worth it, some are just old things but it is the little things that bring the most joy! Babies and sea glass:) Happy Friday!

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