Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catching up...

So here are a few random things I wanted to post about. They are in no specific order.

The squinkies came out to play.

2. Some Love for Valentine's Day:
Have I posted this? RED!!!
Candy Bar Card. It reads "Dear Mr. Good Guy, I Skor-red when I married you. You make my heart burst with Joy. Yore a Marvelous Man. Happy Valentines Day. Your, Butter Lady* (*like a sugar mama but from some one who loves butter!)

3. Went to Costco, picked up the kids, hurried home and drove straight to the beach (didn't unload the car - just let the chicken and all the other frozen goods, continue in their process of unthawing in the back of our car). Put Child #3 in the backpack and ran down to the beach. Already sea glassers were there (there have been a lot out this week). This is all I found. I am posting to remind myself that even the lamest day at least I find something!

4. I have been pretty good about doing yoga in the morning. Sometimes it isn't much but I am always pleased when I have done something. Child #2 drew this of me doing a stretch! Isn't it cute?! I will keep it forever... I love how she wrote AM AM (get it?  MAMA!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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