Friday, January 30, 2015


The sea glass lately has been great! And I knew today would be a good one with low tide falling in the afternoon Because it was a Friday afternoon, I knew there would be others out looking for sea glass but we went down anyway. I saw one lady farther down and we picked up glass until we caught up to her. Then she started back and we lagged behind. I try not to crowd other sea glassers but then another gentleman caught up to us and for a while we were glassing at about the same speed. Awkward!  Child #2 said they were both going for a large white piece of glass, but she dropped it so he could have it. (I was trying to keep Child #3 moving to get out of this man's glassing space).

Speaking of competition, Child #2 is my fiercest competitor. She now collects for herself and her own collection! I think there are two reasons for this need for her own glass. One, she wants to sell it and make money and/or maybe she wants to have 100 pieces in her collection to take to school for her classroom's 100 Day Celebration. I'm not sure but I keep reminding her that there is enough glass for everyone because the waves keep bringing it in. And I tell her I am happy to share with her (which I am, just not the big cool ones:)

Child #1 is my sharer, he is happy to give me the pieces he finds. I love it! That is why my collection looks like this:
And we are able to find pieces like this:
And these:
It was a good day even with the competition!
This was my favorite saying after Child #1 found a sand dollar and I found a rusty old penny. "I have more money than you!"

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