Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Staying home from school

Usually staying home from school means someone was sick. But yesterday it was a different story (and sort of a long one so hold on!). Child #1 and Child #2 hate oatmeal day and every Monday is oatmeal day. Yesterday was Monday, oatmeal day. It began with moaning and complaining. I try to keep a cheery voice and attitude because I think they should eat healthy, maybe not everyday but at least on Mondays!
Child #1 could not get over the fact that I wouldn't give him cinnamon toast with his oatmeal. It continued on and on. Then we were later and later. We said family prayer (after a temper tantrum by Child #1), we brushed teeth, and got in the car (Child #1 was brushing teeth and complaining).
By this time it was late. We were going to be late for carpool. Finally at 7:09, I called the home phone asking where Child #1 was, no response. We need to meet our carpool at 7:10, so I left Child #1. I came home after being late to carpool and Child #1 was crying under the picnic table  (don't feel bad, his papa was home and aware of the issues).
So he stayed home and worked all day - which I should note, has always been the consequence and both kids know it. You miss school, you work the whole day!
 First he ate his oatmeal, we discussed the chores he needed to do for the day and we got busy. We weeded the front yard, cleaned up the backyard, sprayed the outside windows, washed the inside windows, dusted the living room, cleaned out the shed, swept out the garage, washed the van. Then he went with me to my dentist appointment and sat without a word in the lobby. He ran dreaded errands with me as well. As the day progressed, the complaining stopped and by the end of the day he was happy. Work does that to him, he is a bear to get started and get going but once he's started I think he feels a sense of accomplishment.
Now for me, it meant I didn't get done any of the things I had on my list of things to do on Monday, but all morning I reminded myself that I am growing and teaching a young boy to be more responsible. He was more important than my check-list. I am hopeful that he will be more responsible as he matures (although, he didn't show a lot of improvement this morning but at least he was in the car by 7:05). All day yesterday, as he was working he kept saying, "I want to go to school, I want to go to school", which was music to my ears. I want him to go to school too!
On a more loving note, here are the 21 boxes I spray painted pink for Child #2's Valentine's Party. These were their valentine's mailboxes. Lots of spray painted was needed! 

And lastly, on a sea glass note, here are two collections I got last week, I had to go to different beaches but still it was fun to get!
Here's hoping we all have a better week at school or where ever we have to go! Kirstin

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  1. Is it wrong that I'm giggling just a little at the work-instead-of-school-day? I love your parenting style - sooo wise.