Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hanging out in the car

Child #3 loves to play in the car. When we get home, I'll unbuckle her as quick as possible as she is often crying in her car seat. As soon as the seat belt is off,  she gets in the front and begins to play. Often I'll open the house for the other two, I'll take care of a few things, go check on her or she'll come in on her own. Love independent two year olds! But this is what I found a few days ago!

Yes, it is eaten lip balm. That little stinker has learned how to unscrew my lip balm and eat it! I wonder if strawberry flavor tastes as good as it smells?  I guess so!
And to finish up this week-end, I loved this non-fiction piece by a kindergarten student. I edit our little elementary school newsletter and this is what Sola published:
hearts beat in our body and they help you breathe. 
Hearts can break.  

So cute and so true. Happy March! Kirstin

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