Friday, May 6, 2011

Photos of Sea Glass

 This is what has awaited me for the past two mornings! I've heard them called "rock washes". And that makes sense, it is where the rocks (and sea glass) have washed up onto the beach.

I finally remembered to bring my camera and was able to capture a few of the peices before I plucked them up and  slipped them into my pocket.

Can you see the piece of brown sea glass in the middle of the photo?
Piece of pottery. There were two peices almost right next to each other. Pottery is a rare find for me!

  Seeing pieces of sea glass as I walk along is like going on an Easter Egg hunt,  but with a twist. No eggs, no candy, just little gems that glow in the sun, hide in the rocks and sometimes roll away in the waves.

This one was a peice of green glass that had fused with a piece of brown glass. They must have been in a fire next to each other.

This shows how lovely sea glass looks when the sun shines on them.

This one was just washed up. I was able to photograph it just before the next wave came and tried to roll it away. It didn't succeed - I was able to scoop it up!
This is my collection from today. It was another successful morning.

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