Saturday, February 4, 2012

Window Seat Cushion

We have this nice front window that has a bench, but it was a worn bench. This past year I bought some material, my husband helped me to cut some foam to fit the bench and I sewed a cover. Well, almost a cover, it was lacking a zipper. I don't know why but zippers intimidate me. Over the past year I have practiced with small zippers (in little quiet books, fixing my daughters jacket) and today I decided I was up for it!

Presenting the completed window seat cushion:

I know it won't last forever with busy kids who love to take it off and use it for ramps and other imaginative uses,but these photos document it - A real live window seat cushion!
On a totally different tangent. I had the funniest experience with my kids tonight. Some how we came up with the idea to have a campout. They brought out their pillows and blankets and laid them on the floor. Then I brought out these three fake candles that I have - little lights inside can be switched on making it look like a candle. We turned out the lights and laid on the floor.

With the suggestion that we should tell stories, Child #1 moved the lights up to the "new" window seat cushion and we watched as he moved his hands in front of the glowing light. His stories were awesome! The best part was that after he would do something with his hands, he'd run over and whisper what was happening, such as "this is when the dragon is breathing fire", as his hands slowly pulsed in front of the light.

It only got better as Child #2 decided to carefully carry over a pretend piece of candy for the dragon. (She loves to  act out that we're at a parade. One person throws the candy and the other gets to gather it off the floor, I think that is where the pretend candy came from.) Child #1 wasn't pleased with the candy and informed her that she was ruining the show.

We worked it out but really, my sides were splitting at his creativity and at his consentration to tell a story with his hands.

Fun stuff today!


  1. Great post! I laughed out loud at the dragon - just fantastic, especially feeding the candy...

    Ah, camping in the living room - one of the highlight experiences of childhood. Fun, fun, fun!!

  2. K-you are hilarious! I am so glad I figured out how I lost your blog (long story) and that you are back in my google reader!