Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snapshots of Time

I just wrote a post for the Mothers' Club that I am a part of and thought I would copy my idea by posting some photos of my life right now... So get ready for a peak into my wonderful, crazy, blessed life! Kirstin

Baby #3's room/closet

Child #2 Loves Angelia Ballerina (she took this photo)

Child #3 pretends books are ipads!

Child #1 inventing something (a boat?) and testing it in the bathroom.

Child #3 Sleeping in my arms. I love it!

Notice the doll collection in the baby swing? And the many, many books?

Fridge Art!

Pretend Birthday cake. Actually hummus and pretzels. Thanks Child #2

Baby gift that Child #2 fell in love with and played with for days. Minnie Mouse Socks!

One of Child #2 dolls. Her name is either Sadie or Hailey. It changes. 

I have no idea but it is one of the many, many photos I find on the camera that documents our crazy, wonderful life!
Love these kids!

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  1. This all looks so fun and great! Looks like a good bunch of kids you have!