Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6th (for lack of a better title)

This was the first beauty of the morning.

The rock wash just waiting to be looked over!

Wish I could rotate the photo - it was my favorite find this morning.

This lady and I have met before on the trail. She lets her dog run on the trail without a leash which is a no-no! (And there are signs everywhere that say "no dogs on the beach!!" (I added the exclamation points.) I have asked/reminded this lady to keep her dog on leash. Her response was "for what?" Which I promptly stopped running and looked at her and said, "because I don't want to get bit!"

But the great thing was this morning I didn't say anything - I don't know if she recognized me or not but justice was served!  As this lady turned to leave the beach, who should come down the hill? But a California State Park Ranger! She quickly tried to put her dog on leash but it was obvious...1. A dog on the beach and 2. A dog without a leash! Double no-no!

He stopped his truck and talked to her. Now..... I know that dogs off leash and on the beach are the least of a Park Ranger's worry but it is nice to know that she got an old fashioned reprimand.

I know she most likely will keep the dog on leash for a few weeks and then in a week or two resort to her "above the law" behavior (most locals around here do). But I hope that she'll be more respectful of the law and of other people's uncertainty of dogs off leash.

And on a more pleasant note, this evening I took a quick walk to see the sunset and to get some fresh air. I had a busy day! -It started with a me sea glassing this morning, then I made breakfast, cleaned up, went to the gym, cleaned up 5 underwear accidents (two involving poop), made lunch, went grocery shopping, made 6 "freezer dinners", made dinner for a friend and delivered it, made dinner for our family, gave two baths, cleaned the kitchen again, did a load of laundry, got family home evening started and did the lesson for our family home evening, and put two kids to bed.

It was a quiet night with a brilliant red sun sinking behind the hills. It was misty and foggy and the sun setting was only visible for about 7 minutes before the clouds shifted and the brilliance was gone. It was nice to walk in the sand thinking about life and my frustrations, disappointments and expectations.

On my walk home I glanced out to the waves (I don't look at the ocean enough. So often I spend my time looking at the sand searching for treasures the ocean has washed up) and what did I see? Dolphins! A big pod of them!

As I watched them I realized that is is moments like seeing their fins peeking out of the waves that I am reminded of that vast underwater world. A whole universe that I can't see yet, I know is there. Teeming with life. Things I never will see.

How often are people like that? So much going on underneath but we don't know it, we don't see it, until something little comes up to indicate so much more. Just some thoughts for June 6th!


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