Friday, June 17, 2011

So, what do you do with all that sea glass?

 Sort it...
 Display it. The far left has my yellows mixed with white sea glass, the middle jar has reds with white and the far right contains my lavendar and purples with white sea glass.

 More of my displays... jar on the left has large white pieces of sea glass, the middle has pottery shards and the little container, blues and whites.

 This is the collection on top of my bookshelf.

My friend B.H. made this candle holder with sea glass on the outside. It is the most classy by far of all my display pieces.

 More collections. We got these glass containers for our wedding. I finally put them to good use!
I am in the process of filling these glass containers with all of the same color.

 I liked how these look in this heart box that my son made for me for Mother's Day some years ago.

 I tried my hand at earrings. They are o.k. but nothing special. I don't like that you can see the post through the front. Unless I learn how to drill the glass that will be the end of my jewlery making!
Sea glass is a great filler for vases - add water and those short flowers are longer or use it to position the flowers.

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