Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My sad, lonely blog:)

Ha Ha! How is that for a title?

But really there hasn't been much to post about. I have not been to the beach for a while - I do check the conditions of the sand from our bluff but nothing has been of interest, so nothing new to report. I am being hopeful... I bought a new little container that I am *hoping* to fill with lovely sea glass (love our local thrift store!).

I do want to report that I am feeling better both physically and mentally. Less tears (actually none lately!), I am  back to feeling like a mama again: baking/cooking/cleaning/entertaining the kids. I am trying to enjoy this time as things never stay the same. Baby number 3 is on the way and we are thrilled! Who knows what the future will hold... I'll take what ever comes. My faith and trust in God and in His awareness of me and this little one have been strengthened and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and perhaps in the process some rough edges were smoothed off - and sorry to those that my rough edges may have hurt! I have lots to learn.

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