Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happys and Sads

I read about a family that at the end of the day has their children share their happys and sads - things that went well and things that didn't. I thought that was a great idea and occasionally my son and I will share as he snuggles into his bed. The thing that makes me laugh is that he often will share things that happened days before.

So with that in mind I thought I would share a few things that have gone on around here.

- Went to a sea glass show. It was mostly jewelry made with sea glass but there were two displays of some amazing sea glass! Huge pieces that were red and orange and black. The other display was glass art that has rolled around in the ocean and looks so cool - designs and patterns of all sorts. I wish I would have (or could have) taken a photo but I didn't think they would have allowed it.
- I dreamed about going sea glassing and there were incredible rock washes all over with huge pieces of sea glass everywhere. This dream happened right after getting some sad news.
-Had an opportunity to hold a friend's little girl at church. It was just a few minutes but I realized it has been a while since I held a little baby. She was tired and just rested her cheek on my shoulder. Those sweet feelings warmed my heart all week.
-Friends have filled my heart with love and concern. Our fridge is full of soups and food from dear friends. I have felt so uplifted by love.
-Package from my mom that was full of little things that she found around the house: jacks from when she was a little girl, a project I did when I was a little girl, books, old cell phone (the kids love it!), candy, workbook, cool wooden comb and compact mirror. Fun!!
-Went to Kindergarten Forum to learn about the various Kindergartens in the area (this also couples as my sad - can my little boy be ready for Kindergarten next year?)

-Found out from some blood tests that our new baby had very high indicators that it could be a special needs baby.
-The following week went for a detailed ultrasound and at that appointment no heartbeat was found. I was at 17 weeks.
- Had to have a procedure to remove the tissues ( that was today). The prep procedure (yesterday) was the worst part. I threw up twice before I left the medical building and then once all over myself as drove home. I thought of this blog where she threw up in her skirt. (I can't find the actual post but she had cancer and had every reason to throwing up!) I continued to throw up and feel cramping all afternoon.

BUT for now, my immediate sads are over (except for the hormones that will incite some tears) and I can move on.

AND because I don't want to leave on such a sad note are a few more happys:
-New babies for family members and friends are expected!
-When life is heavy on the crusts, Heavenly Father will send loaves and loaves of peace, comfort, and strength (thanks for that thought J-!)
-Friends that will come over at 4:30 AM and stay with sleepy kids
-Friends that will watch your kids all day and then bring you the exact dinner you had wanted to make but ran out of energy.

The list goes on but I must go "play toys" with the two that bring much happiness to our home.

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  1. this just made me cry...I am so sorry, i just had no idea! YOu are so in my heart and prayers! I love that you always can see good and happiness around you!