Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halloween Memory

Yes, I know it is Thanksgiving but I just have to share this memory!

I sent this e-mail to my friend L.D. and wanted to post about the experience of child #1 winning a cake walk at our church Halloween party.

We sat down for some Sunday dessert and your beautiful cake didn't disappoint. It was wonderful! On Saturday, when my son won the cake walk - we were so excited! We had been talking about it all week. Then when he chose your cake, I was secretly thrilled. It would have been the cake I would have chosen! Yours was a work of art.

When I was a little girl, I won a cake at our elementary school carnival cake walk. I still remember how special I felt and how delicious the cake was (our neighbors had brought the cake). It was so fun for me to share a similar experience with Abraham.

Thanks for sharing your talents .... and time, I am certain that cake took valuable time - it was a work of art!

Our family was over the moon with winning (and eating) your cake!

Love Kirstin and Family

Sorry... you get the "cut" view but you get the idea. My son still asks for this cake!

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