Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another thing I love aside from Sea Glass!

I often think about how much I enjoy teaching! Especially young children. I like thinking about how to make something relate to them or what sequence of activities will be most effective for their active bodies and minds. One outlet that I have for this "love" is Joy School. It is the preschool I have chosen for my children. I love that I get to teach the classes, and I love that the other teachers are my friends and parents of the the other Joy School children. I love how the curriculum focuses on teaching children about the joys in life while incorporating Kindergarten skills, social skills and life skills. And I love that I only pay $70 a semester!

Here are the kids today making the letter N with their bodies!

Here are the pictures we drew after talking about feelings and what feelings are. Over and over again we have talked about how it is o.k. to be mad, sad, angry, happy or excited! So important!
Walking along the beach makes me happy. (my thoughts and my drawing)

I am really happy because I'm seeing some sharks eating some fish. - G.O.

I am excited when my Monster Truck kit arrived! - A.F.

I know that Joy School isn't for everyone. Some moms need a break, some moms don't like or want to teach and some kids need more than just a handful of kids in their preschool. But I have found that it works for us. I genuinely feel my son will be ready for his Kindergarten experience. Joy School has taught him those things that he will need to survive in public school. Plus it has been a great creative outlet for me!

Thanks Joy School for allowing me to grow and continue with what I love! Teaching!

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