Thursday, March 29, 2012

What kind of "tooth" do you have?

We (my children and myself) have discussed for a while what kind of "tooth" we have. I have a sweet tooth (just bought a pound of See's chocolates and don't plan on sharing much of it!) and they know that their Grandma, also has a sweet tooth.

Child #1, after some thought, informed me that he had an "oatmeal tooth"... he likes to shares it with random strangers - like the fireman we were talking to at the local fire house. Child #2 has a "pistachio tooth" and it is pretty cute to hear her pip up and share this fact about herself.

And we're all convinced that my husband has an "egg tooth" because he eats eggs every morning for breakfast.

Give it some thought, what kind of "tooth" do you have?

Happy thinking!

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