Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Gift

In going through some boxes in the computer room my husband found a box of photos. He asked me if I could arrange them into some sort of album. Because I am not creative in that area, I bought 6 very simple photo albums and put them in. The real find were a series of photos of doors, really cool front doors that he photographed on a trip to Europe. There were so many, I decided to get creative and make a photo collection. The best part was his surprise and that he liked it (so often I strike out!). Here is how the collection looks from above:
Here is the arrangement, three slender frames with multiple photos

Here is are some of the photos up close

More photos. There are 15 doors in all!

And of course, I can't let the post go by without a photo of a recent find....the past few mornings have shown some great rock washes!

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  1. The photos of doors are so cool! I may totally copy you!