Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Water Wednesday

No these are not beautiful pieces of sea glass - it is our collection of water balloons. This afternoon in the sun, we threw them about and watched them splat! (The best was the one that we threw up on to the roof!) Then we followed it by a smoothie at Jamba Juice and a trip to the library.

Lest you think we are always this fun, Child #2 looked at me strangely, when I announced that we were going to Jamba Juice. Then she asked, "why are you being so nice to us?" I told her because I loved her but since she was in her underwear, she did need to get her clothes on! She had expected a scolding for not having clothes on and I surprised her by talking about smoothies - sometimes the best way to achieve compliance is to distract or bribe. I admit to using both! Have a great Wednesday!

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