Monday, December 3, 2012

Being There

I've been so missing sea glass. With a big storm that has come in, I have been checking the beach - and seeing nothing but smooth sand. Today I decided that perhaps I have been looking in the wrong place (great connection to real life -huh!?). I loaded up child #2 in the stroller and set out to get some exercise and to check out another part of the beach.

We wandered along finding only a few small pieces. Child #2 is a very good little sea glasser and as we came to a few spots with bigger sand pebbles and more sea glass, she was excited as I was. We escaped a few of the incoming waves but then one came in faster than we realized, we were up high on the beach so it was only inches of water, but when you're 3, it is enough to knock you over. She fell down and that moment as instinct had me turned to try to outrun the wave, I turned back to her and made sure she could see me. We locked eyes as I took the two steps over to scoop her out of the water. It was the eye contact that struck me... I couldn't save her from getting wet but she could see me and knew that I was one arm reach away.

As I thought about that little incident and moment when I knew in my gut that I couldn't get her out but that the next best thing was to communicate that I was right there, I considered, how often we can't rescue or save someone we love from incoming troubles or difficulties. We know they will be alright but while they are in the swirling mess, our nearness, eye contact and concern can reassure and be the support they need. Genuine friendship and support is so important to me and I know that others feel the same way. I need to be more aware of those "moments" when rather than dashing out of the waves (or to get things done) that I turn back and lock eyes with them and share a few extra moments of friendship. And this is the perfect season to do this!

Soaked from chest to toe, Child #2 cried and continued to look for the last pieces of sea glass(such dedication!) until I finally convinced her to take off her shirt and ride on my back. Then when we got back to the stroller, I took off my tank top (the only piece of clothing I could shed and still be modest) and and had her snuggle under its thin protection. Luckily it was a fairly nice day and the sun was warm. We made it home with smiles on our faces and what I would like to say is the "first glass of the season!"


  1. your insights to life are always an inspiration! love you!

  2. What a wonderful message..... something I really needed to hear.... Thank you!