Thursday, August 20, 2015

Running with the Whales

On Monday, I went out for a run on the beach. It was a quiet day with only a lone fisherman. I was surprised to hear him call out to me, as I turned back he pointed to the ocean and there were whales! Lots of them! We watched for a while as they swam around and then I thanked the man and continued my run. One of the whales was swimming in the same direction as I was running and close enough that I could easily see him. It was such a treat!

Then on my run home (I was gathering up bits of plastic because the beach had been really busy the day before), I stopped to catch my breath and there in front of me was an whale coming up for air. I borrowed this picture from Google images but it looked just like this:
It was really a wonderful sight - a fantastic way to start the day. I came home made the kids get dressed and hurried them down to the beach. I also brought big trash bags and we collected a lot of trash! And some fun sand toys, towels, sweatshirt, flip flops and good shoes. They went to the lost and found and I will collect them in November if their owners don't come. And the bag of trash was huge! It was a great day.
The rest of the week has been beautiful and with a report that more whales were out - we went to the beach again yesterday. No crowds, but warm sun and lots of whales. This is what I was able to see from my beach chair at the surf line.
Can you see the tiny blowhole spout?

Playing in the waves!

Local whale swimming back and forth
 And the next two photos are documenting my life full of sand and silliness:
Sand logged clothes from the beach

Child #2 project - pounding bottle tops in the dirt with a hammer and nail.

Summer is done, kids are in school, maybe I'll find time to blog more?
Stay tuned :) Kirstin

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