Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lighthouse Time

We just returned from a fun outing to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. My favorite part was the cute craft the children made. This is NOT my idea but I just had to post it to remind myself how creative, cute and fun this craft was to make. See below:

Start with a small paper plate as the base. Paper coffee cup for the house, the coffee lid is the balcony (with a hole cut out), a little electric light is the light, plastic cocktail cup as the glass with a little black roof cut out of black construction paper. I love the red tip which was red paper carefully rolled to create a long stick and then cut into about 1/2 an inch and poked through the top.

 Partially assembled - none of this is glued, it all comes apart which my kids really liked rebuilding it.
This is a circle of black construction paper with a straight cut to the center. The edges overlapped slightly to create a peak and the red roll of paper (1/2 inch) was poked through. It was then glued on a plastic cocktail glass.
So creative!
Here is the real lighthouse at dusk (photo by Child #1)

It was a nice evening. Not much whining, the kids came home took a bath and ate dinner and put themselves to bed. Lucky me!!

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  1. Do you know if there are plans to return the Fresnel lens to the lighthouse any time soon? I miss the annual lighting!