Friday, March 18, 2011

Pieces from my collection

- The green piece is the base of an old bottle
- The white oval is the solid smooth base of an old bottle
- The red piece is from (I am guessing) a signal light used on an old boat.

I don't know that much about sea glass but all that I do know comes from the book Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMott. Beautiful book and great information. They have set of identification cards that I use often to get information and to compare colors.

I just found a purple piece last week, but the photo wasn't doing it justice.
 I'll have to wait for some sunlight.

On a different note, here is something I made this week.  (If you can't you tell, it is a child's backpack, it was really cute. The straps pull and tighten the top to make it like a sack that you wear on your back). I made it for a friend's daughter, Lara. She was turning 3.  We put some sea glass inside as an extra bonus, since Lara loves to play with our collection when she comes to play.

I did make sure all the pieces were large enough so they couldn't be inserted in her nose....

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