Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sarah Ban Breathnach

I won't be surprised if that name isn't familiar to you but kudos! if you recognize her as the author of the book Simple Abundance.

I found this book in the mid-1990's. A roommate (thanks Natalie) recommended it to me and we enjoyed it together. Sarah (I'll call her by her first name because she is like a dear friend) writes about finding gratitude in the simple things in life. Each chapter is about 1-2 pages long where she shares her personal thoughts and experiences, quotes,  and occasionally she gives a kind of "homework" for you as the reader to try.

I love her style. She is personable, friendly and understanding.

Well, I had forgotten about Sarah. Somehow in all my moves around the world, my copy of Simple Abundance was lost. So when I saw Peace and Plenty, the similar cover and familiar author, caught my eye and I snatched it off the library bookshelf.

I was surprised to read that the book is about money.
About managing your money and how to deal with money misspent, lost or mismanaged.

Hmmmmm - very different from her first book, which was all about gratitude.

But once I started reading, it was like hearing an old friend! She is so honest, helpful, encouraging and did I say honest?

I read it cover to cover like a novel (which it isn't) in between a quick trip to Arizona to see my grandfather and my daily routine here at home. Sarah, made millions on her book Simple Abundance but somewhere along the way it was lost. She writes in short snippets about what happened but they are not the focus of what the book is about. It is about us finding peace despite terrible things happening.

Her advice is sage because she has experienced financial ruin but her familiar voice is calm, warm and positive.

I loved it! And it made me thankful for my blessings. For a roommate who introduced me to her years ago, for the years I was single and learning how to manage money and for a husband who is financially wise. (Don't worry Sarah, I will still take your advice and have my own, separate bank account.)

Now I need to buy the book, read it again and flag the parts and quotes that I thought were so good! Happy reading!

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