Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take-A-Trip Tuesday

Like most mothers, I have the best of intentions! So with that said, we'll see how long these "intentions" last.

 With the arrival of summertime, I have decided we need some structure and adventure in our days. Both kids are potty trained, naps are optional and there are some cool things in our area.

It will look like this (if all goes well):
Masterpiece Monday (we'll create/cook something awesome or go see something awesome)

Take-A-Trip Tuesday (we'll plan on taking a fun trip somewhere) This where we went on our first Take-A-Trip Tuesday:

It was a beach we had never had ben to but guess what I found?!

Yes, some sea glass!

We'll see how the rest of the week works but here are the rest of the weekdays.
Wet Wednesday (That was today. They took 2 baths and played in the water at a local beach)
AnyTHing Thursday (do anything we want)
Friend Friday (friends over or go visit friends)

I know it sounds ambitious but I have lots of ideas.
Stay tuned!

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