Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I was trying to share some encouraging thoughts with a friend today and was reminded of my goal to take time each week for myself. And when I say "take time for myself", it doesn't mean, going grocery shopping or running to the post office without kids. It means taking time to do what I enjoy and what connects or reconnects me with me.

When I heard these words from Deider Uchtdorf in October 2010, I knew in my heart, that was what I needed to work on. For those of you not familiar with me, I am a very religious person....Mormon, in fact, and I feel a great deal of strength from my beliefs. In these remarks Elder Uchtdorf, (as we respectfully refer to him) discusses how we need to focus on our relationships with:
1. God
2. Our family
3. Our fellowman
4. Ourselves.
He said, "May I suggest that you reduce the rush and take a little extra time to get to know yourself better. Walk in nature, watch a sunrise, enjoy God’s creations, ponder the truths of the restored gospel, and find out what they mean for you personally. Learn to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you—as His precious daughter or son with divine potential."

Elder Uchtdorf is an apostle of Jesus Christ, and I know what he says to be true.

Having time to think, uninterrupted, goes a long way in helping me to connect to me. Sometimes with the rush of life, I forget that I am a person with hopes and dreams and emotions. Taking time to remember who I really am and using that precious "me time" to sort through life's hurried moments helps to bring balance to my life.

And honestly, I think balance is a goal we're all striving for...

 So I'd like to say, here's to all of us in 2011!

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  1. Kirstin! I so enjoyed reading your posts...but they did make me miss you!