Monday, February 28, 2011

I had a marvelous day!

And it isn't just because I found this nice handful of glass.

It was a sunny day, a bit windy but what made it marvelous was that child #1 came with me. He rode his bike down to the beach and then I carried it the rest of the time we were on the beach.

He likes to look for sea glass and it does his mama's heart good when he finds a piece of glass. He stuck fairly close to me and it was fun to have a friend along. At one point he played up on the crest of the hill and I was down combing the sand for glass, but we both kept checking on each other. When he was done on the hill, he ran down and said, "I'm checking on you Mom".

 A couple of times, I had to wait for him to catch up to me and then later, I had to remind him to move out of the way of the sunlight, (which helps me to see the glass amidst the rocks). But he is patient with me...

And as we walked home, I was patient with him while he rode his bike through all his favorite mud spots.

What could be better?

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