Thursday, February 3, 2011

True Sea Glasser

Today as I walked along the beach in my pink rubber boots (already wet inside) I must have been a sight. I was pushing one child in a stroller in the sand and carrying the other. He can walk but I was in a hurry. There was a dark patch of rocks ahead and I could already see people picking up sea glass. If  you are new to the sea glassing world, sea glass is broken bits of glass that have been tossed and tumbled by the waves. This process makes them smooth - no rough edges. I find it very soothing to be on the beach searching for these little gems. So today, when I read the tide was low at 5:00, I got dinner ready, packed snacks for the kids and headed to the beach. At one point when I was dashing in and out of the waves, looking for glass, I looked up and saw my kids sitting on the sand. My son had pulled his sister on his lap and in the glow of the setting sun, they were happily watching me eating their snacks. That little moment made me smile and I thought "I must be a true sea glasser" ....or that I am becoming obsessive about sea glassing!

You'll have to decide as you read future posts.

PS I was successful, I came home with a pocket full of sea glass!

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  1. Totally adore seaglass! Cant wait to see pictures of your collection!